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Madeline was my grandmother on my mother's side. She was an amazing little Irish woman. How blessed we were to have her. Not a day goes by that I don't miss her. I am the wife of my bestfriend, the mother of four amazing kids ages 25, 22, 17 and 4. I am a grandma to 2 beautiful little boys and the mom-in-law to a terrific man. I come from a big wonderful family. My parents are my idols. My dad was always the silent one and my mom was the "tough" one. I have so much admiration for them and love being their daughter. I have 4 sisters and one brother, but I only have 3 surviving sisters now. My sister Michele passed away suddenly in 1989. I married into an amazing Italian family. I believe in God and Angels, and Ghosts. Not bad ones, but ones that just can't decide if they should stay or go. I believe that if you want something bad enough, you just need to believe and it will be yours. I believe that everyone means something to someone and this life without you would be miserable.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

So, so busy.....and a new grandson on the way

Hello my dear friends...I know it has been ages since I have blogged about anything, but my life is a little hectic-and my 2 year old DOES NOT ever let me on the computer!!
I don't have any pinks to share today, but I do have news....I am going to be a grandma once again!!! We are all so very excited to be expecting another grandson in July. (After having two little boys running around we were hoping for a girl, but now we are going to have 3 little boys....and we are feeling extremely blessed)
Happy Pink Saturday to you all and thank you Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for allowing us to be a part of such a fun gathering.
Happy Valentine's Day to you all