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Madeline was my grandmother on my mother's side. She was an amazing little Irish woman. How blessed we were to have her. Not a day goes by that I don't miss her. I am the wife of my bestfriend, the mother of four amazing kids ages 25, 22, 17 and 4. I am a grandma to 2 beautiful little boys and the mom-in-law to a terrific man. I come from a big wonderful family. My parents are my idols. My dad was always the silent one and my mom was the "tough" one. I have so much admiration for them and love being their daughter. I have 4 sisters and one brother, but I only have 3 surviving sisters now. My sister Michele passed away suddenly in 1989. I married into an amazing Italian family. I believe in God and Angels, and Ghosts. Not bad ones, but ones that just can't decide if they should stay or go. I believe that if you want something bad enough, you just need to believe and it will be yours. I believe that everyone means something to someone and this life without you would be miserable.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me and Pink Saturday!!

It has been a busy, busy week for me this week. I have been sick with a cold and not feeling up to par & then with baby Mae's arrival, I didn't get my e-mail in on time to participate in Pink Saturday's Birthday celebration. UUgghhh ohhh well.
It is my big birthday weekend and what a special one it will be. I already have recieved an extra wonderful gift with my new little great niece's birth and.... my husband will actually be home ALL weekend. For those of you that don't know, he worked for a company that he had to work Saturdays and when he was on call....he would work the whole weekend!! But, now he has a new job and we actually get time together...woooohoooo!! My big 44 is on Monday (44?? what the heck? How did I get to be 44?) Anyways, I am super excited. I wonder what he has in store for me?? Well, I guess I should say I wonder what I have in store for me, since I do all of the planning around here. Maybe this year he will surprise me.
Last weekend was our anniversary and we were supposed to get away for a night without any kids...ha, he couldn't leave our little one, so we ended up seeing Shrek and hitting the Disney store in the mall. However, the day of our anniversary we did drive down to San Diego and wandered around the Italian Festival...that was nice.
I think he felt guilty, because on Tuesday he brought me home a card and flowers. (gotta love that man).
Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend.
Happy Birthday to meeeee!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Julie Mae is here!!

Happy Birthday to our sweet new baby, Julie Mae.
Isn't the picture of my sister and her sweet new granddaughter just adorable.
Welcome little angel......

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vintage Frenchhen is at the hospital.....

I know you all know my beautiful sister, Marcia of Vintage Frenchhen is awaiting the arrival of her first grandniece...well she is at the hospital as I write!!! Little Julie Mae will be here anytime. Please keep them all in your prayers and wish my sister congratulations.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Anniversary to Me and My Love

My Pink Saturday post this week is going to be a "2Fer".
This weekend is my sweet husband and my 17th anniversary....WOW, where has the time gone? I met my husband on a blind date, Friday May 13, 1988. I knew it was "love" at first sight....Not too sure about what he was thinking though!! I guess he must have kinda liked me too considering we have been pretty much inseperable ever since. I live every day for him and our children. He is my everything...the absolute love of my life, my best friend, my lover, my soulmate, my confidant and of course the biggest pain in my butt!! What would my life be without him? Empty!!
Happy Anniversary My sweet, sweet husband. I love you more than chocolate cake, cream cheese frosting, pizza, m & m's and life itself.

Now for the 2nd half. Next weekend is my birthday!! Woohoo!! And my beautiful sister Marcia (Vintage frenchhen) made me some simply adorable little treasures. I was so delighted when I opened the bag to find such cute things.

I have been begging for a crown necklace for the longest time....and here it is (sorry sister dear, but I had to change the ribbon to a was making my neck itchy)

This container was an applesauce can that she papered with images of Italy, the words to the song "Sisters", an adorable picture of a girl with the words "I didn't do it" because...well, we probably did. The inside was painted pink and in the bottom is a notecard with the verse "Love is patient, love is kind...". The top is so cute with little dangley balls (that my sweet brother in law thought were hilarious) a sweet ribbon and a crown knob.

Also included a totally adorable cupcake plate, that came is the equally adorable box, a spice jar with "Thyme" written on it, some vintage patterns from the 60's (just like meeee), some vintage rick rack, and an adorable little wall pocket with rhinestones, music paper, and vintage little flowers.

Wow, how can one girl be sooooo lucky. Thank you sister dear. I love it all!!
Happy weekend everyone

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Beautiful Wedding Weekend

Hello Friends,
Here are some pictures of our weekend in Los Angeles for my niece's wedding. It was such a fun time. The couple got married Friday evening and the reception was Saturday evening. It was so beautiful. The decorations were so sweet and the backyard it was held in was so nice and relaxing. The party was catered by In and Out, a Fish taco stand, a french fry stand and a sweets table to die for.....What fun. They had a small guitar group playing when guests first arrived, then the DJ took over. There was a small bar set up with wine, beer, champagne and sodas. A photo booth (which was so much fun) and different cozy seating areas.
Spending the weekend with my family was so much fun. I really miss my parents and my sisters. We sure have a fun time together

Me, my beautiful daughter and grandson
Pretty flowers on our table
The bride and groom dancing the night away
My beautiful family

Friday, May 14, 2010

Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday to you all.
This weekend is going to be so much fun. My niece is getting married and it is going to be "family time"
My Dear sister, Marcia ( is going to be here along with my parents and my 2 other sisters. I can't hardly wait.
I hope you all have a very happy weekend and thank you once again Beverly @
I am sorry this pics are a little kooky, but I took them with my cellphone. I really liked the way the pink flowers peeked out from between all the white ones. And the crazy thing is...they are the only ones on the bush!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful mom. I love you very much.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Pink Saturday 5/8/2010 & Happy Mother's Day

Thank you Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for graciously hosting another wonderful PINK Saturday.
Enjoy, Dana

Last Sunday we spent the day in San Diego....What a beautiful day.
One of our favorite areas Downtown is Little Italy

This little restaurant had the BEST pastries and gelatos (notice the pinks)

Then for a walk back to our car I spotted a pot along the sidewalk full of beautiful PINK geraniums

Happy Pink Saturday to you all and a Happy Mother's Day too.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sunny San Diego

I spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon in San Diego with two of my favorite men. The weather was completely beautiful and we just had such a wonderful day. We spent most of the afternoon at SeaPort Village just walking along the waterfront, enjoying the street entertainers, riding the Merry Go Round, watching ducks and chasing pigeons.
We live about an hour NorthEast of San Diego and try to get down there as often as possible. We lived there before moving here about 16 years ago (he is originally from Naples, Italy and me from Northren California). The beach is what we love the most...and miss the most!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pink Saturday

I just love Victoria's Secret....
Who could pass up a pair of pink flip flops? Not meeeee!!
I would so love the top to wear during our HOT desert summers.
And, I just had to add the photo of my grandson and I playing "footsie" last summer
Happy Pink Saturday to you all and thank you Beverly @ How Sweet The Sound for hosting such a fun day.
Happy May Day to you all.